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Bitte & Danke Jewelry

Veröffentlicht von Bitte & Danke Jewelry am 09.10.2020

Established in 2014, Bitte & Danke Jewelry is a small-batch jewelry brand that combines elegant minimalism and polished femininity. Each piece is conceived, designed and handmade by Liza Zucchino in her Berlin studio.

Her pieces modernise the centuries old tassel through her whimsical, yet classic creations. The tassel material featured throughout each collection is “Bunka Shishu”, a specialty thread used for Japanese embroidery. Brass and plated hardware are incorporated to make B&D Jewelry accessible to the every day woman. That’s why each piece is named after a woman Liza knows & admires.

Fun Fact:
The name Bitte & Danke, meaning “Please & Thank You” in German, comes from a common phrase used in Liza’s home region of the United States. The words “Bitte” & “Danke” were also the first words she learned in German before moving to Berlin in 2016.